Server Rules

1. Connecting to the Server
You're only allowed to play on 1 character at a time per person. Any attempt to bypass this whether it be abusing the Opt-In for IP or trying to spoof HWID/Virtual Machine, can result in permanent ban. (This does not include offline shops)

2. Use of Automation
All forms of automation whether it's Bots, Clickers, Custom Interface etc is not allowed on our server, and can result in a permanent ban.

3. RMT (Real Money Trade)
Selling Adena, Items, Characters/Accounts are all Bannable Offenses on this server, and will result in a permanent ban.

4. Advertising
Casually mentioning another server generally is not a big deal. However, if you're caught advertising other servers on discord or in-game, it can result in a permanent ban on both discord and the game.

5. Donation Refund
All donations are set-up to go towards server costs, and are planned out each month for the hosting/anti-bot/advertising. All donation coin spending in-game is tracked. If you try to refund a donation after the fact, it will be challenged with PayPal, and your accounts will be banned.

6. Flame/Disrespect to Staff
Flaming or Disrespecting any member of the staff can result in temporary or permanent chat bans, all the way to account ban depending on escalation.

7. Racism/Discrimination
No form of racism/discrimination is accepted on the server. General flaming must be kept out of the global channels (Hero/+Global) and within discord must only be in #🔥flame . Anyone flaming outside of these channels or being racist can and will have either a temporary/permanent chat ban, all the way up to account ban depending on escalation.