Quest Changes

Generalized Updates

Newbie Soulshot/Spiritshot - All Quests that give the bonus of newbie soulshot/spiritshot has been set to a fixed 1x rate, and won't increase with server rates.

First Class / Second Class Change - All First/Second class change quests have had their drop rate, chance, or both increased to help facilitate a smoother transition through quests. Some quests such as the Scavenger and Raider quests also had measures take to reduced the time it takes to complete these quests.

Quest Rate Adjustments

All quests have been gone through 1 by 1 to choose a specific value to be multiplied by the server rates (3x). Not all variables are multiplied by 3, only one is chosen. Either Adena Reward, Reward Item, Reward XP/SP, Drop Rate or Drop Amount.