Donation & Voting

About Donations in General
Server is a non-profit server, this means everything donated goes directly to the maintenance and life-time of the server.


No donations will ever be pocketed by the developers, we do this for free to provide the best server experience possible.

Promise of Transparency

We promise to be fully transparent on all donation income and server costs, what the money goes towards and how much longer the server can stay alive based on current donation pool. All this information will be added in our Weekly Updates via Discord.

General Information

  • 1x (DT) Donation Token = 1 Euro

  • 1x (VT) Vote Token = Successfully voting for 2/3 vote sites every 12 hours.

Donation Rewards

  • Premium Character (7, 14, 30 Day Increments) (3, 5, 8 DT Cost)

  • Name Change (10 DT Cost)

  • Sex/Gender Change (10 DT Cost)

  • First Class Change (3 DT Cost)

  • Second Class Change (9 DT Cost)

  • Title Colour Change (5 DT Cost)

  • Basic Hair Accessory (10 DT Cost

  • Limited Hair Accessory (15 DT Cost)

Vote Token Rewards

  • Subject to change and vary, but has a range of Potions for Buffs/Hair Style/Face change etc.

  • Vote to Donation Token Exchange (8 VT = 1 DT)

*Premium and Vote Bonus stack together. Normal rates are 3x. With just Vote Bonus or Premium your rates change to 3.5x. If you have both Vote and Premium bonuses you rates will change to 4x for the affected rates.




Weight Limit


Skill Points


Inventory Slots


Adena Amount


Warehouse Slots


Spoil Rate


Buy/Sell Slots


Drop Rate

Premium Account Bonuses: