Detailed Server Changes

Custom Changes (Interface, NPC, etc.)

Client/Server Modifications
- Client has Active Anticheat enabled
- HWID dualbox Block
- IP dualbox Block (Option to opt-in for IP block exclude list can be found on the Create Account Page.)
- Client Manipulation Protection (Currently can only edit your own Systemmsg-e.dat and files)
- Monster Titles include Level/Aggro Status
- Active antiCAPS chat protection on public channels
- Custom enchant confirmation to prevent unwanted enchanting
- Crystal amount in the confirmation on Crystalization Request
- Extended Player Inventory H5 Style, with Premium and Vote Bonus information
- Catacomb and Underground dungeon maps

Monster Information (Shift+Click) - The introduction of detailed Drop and Spoil information for every monster is available to the player through the means of holding Shift and clicking on the monster. This will bring up a new window where you can view the monsters drop and spoil information in real-time. It will adjust based on whether or not you have Premium, and/or Vote Bonus.

Support Party Bonus - We added the feature of a Support Party Bonus. What this means is if you have at least 1 support class in your party (All except BD/SWS), you will get a flat boost of 0.2x for both Adena and Exp. This is a way to encourage players to help level supports at earlier levels before they're seen as beneficial to the party makeup. An example of how this works. By default the party bonus for a duo is 1.3x. This means the EXP/SP you get from a monster in a duo is 65% of the base value, and by default Adena was not affected by this so you were at 50% adena. We found that a lot of damage dealers didn't want to give up that much, especially to randoms. So now with the Support Party Bonus, it brings both these values up to 1.5x with the added bonus so you will receive 75% of normal exp/sp/adena, seemingly much less of a downside for the damage dealer.

Clan Halls / Castles (Scheme Buffer) - Clan Halls originally had 3 levels of buffers. Lower end clan halls buffers were almost useless and the clan hall became almost not worth even having. We have changed this. All clan halls now have the best tier of buffer, and it has been changed to a Scheme Buffer allowing players to set-up pre-made schemes to buff themselves or their pets in a single click. This Scheme buffer also applies to Castles. This improvement now makes the decision of what Clan Hall to go for a purely strategic one for Castle Warfare or PvE Farming Zones. To account for the change, all Clan Halls now have the same Rental Fee (750k) and initial bid cost (45kk). All clan halls cost the same and have same buffs.

<Wind walk 2, Decrease Weight 3, Shield 3, Magic Barrier 2, Mental Shield 3, Blessed Body 4, Blessed Soul 4, Berserker Spirit 1, Resist Shock 2, Bless Shield 4, Might 3, Guidance 3, Vampiric Rage 2, Haste 1, Focus 1, Death Whisper 1, Concentration 4, Acumen 2, Empower 1>

Adventure Guide (Newbie Buff Extension) - New NPC added to Gludio, Dion, Giran, Oren and Heine. He will provide basic buffs (Some of which are nerfed to be weaker than lvl 1 buffs such as VR/EMP) to players 25-39.

Account Panel (Alt+B) - Pressing Alt+B now brings up an Account Panel instead of the Community Board. Within this panel you can Search for Drop & Spoil info, manage your vote bonus/tokens as well as managing your donation tokens and purchasing.

Cross-Account Freight - Until our client is upgraded from interlude, we've added Cross-Account freight to facilitate sending items to your alts. When our client is upgraded and the mail system is added, this feature will be removed.

Offline Shops - Players are now able to create Offline Buy/Sell and Manufacture shops. Simply set-up the shop and exit game, and your character will switched to Offline Mode going semi-transparent and having its Title/Name fade. To set-up offline shops your character must be at least level 20 with its first class change. Their is no limit to player offline shops however, they will be auto-disconnected after 7-Days if the shop still exists. The ability to buff, heal or Recharge offline shops has also been disabled. This is intended to prevent players from exploiting the offline shop system to multi-box to buff themselves.

Shadow Weapon Removal - The ability to acquire Shadow Weapon's has been removed. The ability to purchase them is removed Permanently, and the ability to exchange tickets for shadow D/C on class change is Temporarily removed until the server reaches the point that this will be worth re-enabling for new players.

NPC: Unknown <Mysterious Wizard> 
- An NPC only known as Unknown or The Mysterious Wizard has been added to Tower of Insolence (TOI) Floor 13. He has been added to assist solo players or players of smaller clans, giving them the ability to continue on with their subclass quest. Although the Mysterious Wizard will always live there, your ability to make a deal with him only exists while Baium is Awake and not Killed. He will not deal with you if Baium is Dead or still in Stone Form. The Mysterious Wizard is willing to use his magic to apply the blood of Baium to your Pipette Knife for a cost. This allows players who are not apart of larger endgame clans to no longer be gated on their Character Progression.

Improved Core Systems

Pathfinding/GeoEngine - The Pathfinding and GeoEngine have been improved upon not only for general use case, however it now will impact monsters as well as servitors/pets properly. It has also been used in calculations for when you follow another player, no longer are the days of your friend getting stuck on a rock because you had to change exp zones while he went afk. It also now works in town if you try to navigate to a target NPC it will find the best path possible until you're in visible range, and then move to the target normally.

Water Physics - The water physics has been greatly improved, no longer should swimming feel clunky/buggy or riddled with visual bugs. Movement within water is now fluid, allowing skills like Kiss of Eva to be properly utilized.

MonsterAI - All MonsterAI has been reworked from the ground up to allow monsters to function as intended based on the monster archetype. Melee will continue to chase you as they always did, however if they get rooted and another player on their aggression table is within attack range it will now switch target until it is free of its entanglement. Archers will navigate around obstacles to try and shoot you, and run away if you get to close to them. If you break their line-of-sight while they're shooting, you will not take any damage from them, and they will move back into line-of-sight to try and attack you again. Caster Monsters will determine the best skill to cast based on the situation, always attempting to stay within line of sight. If however their line-of-sight does get broken, their cast will be interrupted and they will move to try and cast again. If the caster runs out of mana, he will switch to melee oriented AI until he regains enough mana to continue casting.

Drop Categories (Removed) - Drop Categories are a system found on most servers. It is a system where different drop types are lumped into a specific category, and that category having a set drop rate based on all the other drop rates within the category. Each category then gets a roll to see if an item from it can drop, only then will individual items be rolled upon. We didn't like this system, as you could have items with higher drop chances (25%+) where they'd be in a category with a combined rate of something around 1.5% meaning you were not actually having a 25% drop chance on that item. So, we removed drop categories. Now, every item a monster can drop, will be rolled upon when the monster dies, properly reflecting the real drop rates of each item.

Field Raid Boss (Max Distance) - A max distance from spawn is enforced for normal field Raid Bosses. If they're dragged too far from their location they will teleport back to their spawn location.

Field Raid Boss (Stats) - Raid Bosses and Raid Fighters stats revalidated. Made a bit easier and have lowered P. Def to help melee parties to kill them.

Normal Monster (Max Distance) - A max distance from spawn is enforced only when the monster loses interest, not during train pulling. If the monster loses interest and has been pulled a set distance too farm from spawn where walking back is improbable, the monster will instead teleport back to ensure farm zones don't remain empty.

Manor (Adjustment) - Manor seeds buying based on auction system with randomized end time to prevent bots from overbidding last second. Selling seeds window randomized to prevent bots from selling all seeds the exact moment selling option opens

Additional Class/Skill Related Changes

Buff Times (Adjustment) - Standard buffs extended to 30 minutes (Including Clan Hall Buffs), prophecy and special buffs stay 5 minutes. Dances and Songs extended to 3 minutes. Summon Buffs (eg. Gift of Queen) extended to 3 minutes.

Range Abilities (General) - Bow and Magic Skills will be stopped if the target went behind an obstacle, interrupting the attack.

Healing (Calculation Adjustment) - Healing formula restructured. Supports get a healing power bonus based on their weapon's M. Atk. Bishop has even greater bonus.

Debuffs (Calculation Adjustment) - Various debuff vulnerability calculations and MEN influence implemented. Now against various debuffs the code properly calculates your protection against them based on your base stats (MEN/CON).

Magic Land Rate (Calculation Adjustment) - Magic attack success rate formula adjusted. EG 8 lvls difference = 20%~ failure, 15 lvls = 100%.

Magic Crit Rate (Soft Cap Added)(PvP Only) - Magical critical rate soft cap after 25% - any % after 25% is reduced by half, and even more so after 50%, applied only in PvP.

De-Targeting Abilities (Calculation Adjustment) - De-Targeting effects land rate formula based on level difference. Lands as it should.

Lethal & Blow Skills (Calculation Adjustment) - Blows land rate restructured. Position is more impactful to the success. Lethal land rate (against players and mobs) dependent on level difference.

Toggle Abilities (Cost) - Toggle Skills have been fixed so that their cost will work as intended on retail. Now cost is based on player's level with L2OFF formula. Cost per second decreased to make toggle's more usable.

Area of Affect (AoE) (Retail Limitations Adjusted) - Retail like limitation to maximum amount of targets while using AOE skills. Amount ranges from 10 to 12. Normally some skills have big gaps (EG. Sonic Storm 6-12), but all AOE skills are set to the maximum targets possible, always. This is to avoid frustration and to know exactly what result you will get using the skill.

Servitor Life Span (Partially Removed) - Servitor life span has been removed from the server. Servitors will now stay out until they are killed or manually unsummoned. Upon logging out of the server, or getting disconnected, your summoned servitor's information will be stored, along with all of its buffs and de-buffs. Upon logging back into the game, the servitor will be restored a long with all remaining time on buffs and de-buffs. To accommodate this change, all base summoning costs for servitors have been multiplied by a factor of 2. Note: The Servitor Life Span feature change does not apply to Siegeable Servitors. All Siege related servitors will continue to function in a retail manner.

Servitors (Max Distance) - Servitors have a fixed maximum range they can travel to attack. Unlike some servers that would let you bypass this range by spamming the attack button, it is enforced here and will send the summon back to its master if the distance is reached.

Servitors (Magic Skill Level) - Servitor's Magic Skill Abilities now properly update with every Servitor Skill level increase, this is to account for magic fail rate properly.

Servitors (Cost to Summon) - Servitors have had their cost to summon doubled to account for the changes to the Servitor Life Span. They no longer consume crystals at regular intervals but cost more initially to summon.

3rd Class Servitors (Statistics) - Statistics were changed to match retail from a pulled retail source of may 2007.

Overlord Buffs (Modification)
 - Overlords will now be able to buff non-clan members who are in party with them.

Silence Effects (Fix) - Silence effects no longer will interrupt your casting if they are the opposite type (eg. magic silence will not break physical skill cast). However, because of client limitations, and the fact the visual portion of this is handled by the client, and not the server, the visual effect of silence will make it appear as if your casting has stopped, even though server side it continues. To account for this, the visual cast animation will be forcefully applied again. In some instances it may look strange, but is there to ensure players know their casting has not been interrupted.

Aggression Calculations - On most servers we've played aggression has failed to work properly, making it an almost entirely useless skill, and leaving tanks feeling undervalued. Aggression calculations have been reworked from the ground up in both PvE and PvP settings. In PvE settings, when fighting R
aid Bosses or other grouped monsters, your aggression will now apply a portion of its hatred towards minions improving a tanks ability to crowd control in these situations along with reworking its power based on skill level vs target level. In PvP situations the rate of target change is factored by the skill level, player level as well as the level difference between the user and the target. At max level, with max level aggression skill, using the skill on the same level target will have a 60% chance to change their target. Half of the aggression generated on a Raid Boss will transfer to raid fighters, from all sources, such as attacking or casting Aggression skills. Aggression generated is stronger or weaker by 4% for each level difference between player and creature. Ex: lvl 60 vs. lvl 55 mob, will do 20% (5 x 4%) more aggression than normally against it.

Cubics (Adjustments) - Cubics damaging power increases with user's spiritshots, not only blessed spiritshots. Land rate and effectiveness of Cubics has also been adjusted to ensure Cubics work as intended.

Damage Reflect (Calculations) - Damage Reflect skills have been fixed and reworked to ensure that the damage caused to the player during a reflect is calculated as if they're hitting themselves and will be based on their own P. Def, not that of the player reflecting. This is to prevent exploits found on some servers where players would strip naked and cause a reflect to 1 shot enemies. This is not how reflect is intended to work.

Skill: Spoil (Calculation) - The calculation for spoil success rate has been tweaked slightly to have higher success rate depending on monster level compared to spoil level. (Follows better with standard Magic Land Rate Functionality). It also caps at 9 levels. If the difference between your skill and the monster is greater than 9 levels, Deep Blue monster mechanics apply, and you will be unable to spoil. Note: Skills have internal levels of the player level it was obtained at, this is the level being compared not the level you see in-game ie: (1,2,3 etc).

Skill: Sweeper Festival (Custom Integration) - As this skill did not exist originally in Interlude, and the version that was introduced later in the game would cause an imbalance to the material market, when we chose to introduce it, it was in a modified state. Sweeper Festival has a fixed target limit of 5 targets, and is on a fixed cooldown of 6 seconds. This will allow you to get a maximum of 2 Sweeper Festival skills off per pack if you manage your time properly.

Skill: Curse Death Link (Calculation) - Reworked Curse Death Link / Fatal type skills to have more smooth calculations, almost the same as higher chronicles.

Skill: Escape Shackle (Calculation) - Escape Shackle will now work on all forms of root.

Skill: Focus Attack (Warlord)(Skill Type Change to Toggle)
 - Where interlude never allowed you to self remove buffs. We noticed the use of skills like Focus Attack for warlord were almost never used because of its duration. To account for this, we have decided to change this skill to a Toggle. Allowing the Warlord to turn it on and off.

Skill: Rage (Destroyer)(Calculation)
 - Rage now properly gives a a damage bonus for polearm use.

Skill: Frenzy (Destroyer)(Calculation)
 - Frenzy has been adjusted to that of higher chronicles for balancing purposes. Frenzy's effect is reduced by 50% if your HP is greater than 30%, and is completely removed if your HP is above 60%. To have the full God Like Power of Frenzy, one must maintain their health below 30%.

Skill: Counter Attack & Dodge (Dagger Classes)(Buff Time)
 - The buff timer of these skills have been increased from 5 seconds to 10 seconds.